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celebrating life, hope, resilience, and strength

Oct 4 - Oct 31
Oct 4 Celebration

LIGHT FOR LIFE is created through the collaboration and vision of Paddle for the Cure NYC and Women in Lighting + Design NYC for the Elmhurst Health + Hospitals community. This dynamic exhibit pays tribute to the perseverance and fortitude of the front line workers and their community in one of the most impacted areas of NYC during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, as the exhibit is installed during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, LIGHT FOR LIFE also celebrates the breast cancer survivors the hospital has served for years. Paddle for the Cure NYC is located in the Elmhurst community and has a strong commitment to supporting the hospital, its doctors, staff, and fellow cancer survivors.

LIGHT FOR LIFE is a 90FT long x 3FT high ribbon of dynamic color-changing light that will be programmed into text, images, and movement, creating a powerful visual across the front façade of the hospital. The dynamic programming will be set against a backdrop of large-scale printed images of the neighborhood, community, and hospital staff. The photography and the chance to “Buy a Light” in tribute to thank a frontline worker or honor loved one who has been touched by cancer or COVID (survivor or departed). Names provided in the “Buy a Light” program will be illuminated across the installation throughout the day and provide an opportunity for the community to create a deep, personal connection with the installation.



Thank you everyone that joined us for FLIP THE SWITCH on OCT 4th – even the rain couldn’t stop us!

WILD NYC and Paddle for the Cure are thrilled to  turn the installation over to the Elmhurst Hospital staff and community for their enjoyment and reflection! Take a chance to visit the installation while it’s up for the month of October or watch the recording below. Donations and Buy a Light tribute are still being accepted.


We appreciate your support and welcome donations of all sizes! Sponsorship at level Shimmer and above that are received by September 13th will be listed on installation signage at the Elmhurst Hospital entrance. All sponsors at the listed levels will be thanked on the event website. Additional support can be provided by purchasing t-shirts and through "Buy a Light" in tribute of a loved one. All funds will be used to support the LIGHT FOR LIFE installation and Paddle for the Cure activities. Paddle for the Cure Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN #46-4239059, and all donations are fully tax deductible.


GLOW – $100  
GLImmer – $500       
SHIMMER – $1,000     
SHINE – $2,500
RADIANT – $5,000     


Buy a Light – $5            
T-SHIRT – $20


Buy a Light in Tribute:
give thanks or honor a loved one and

Buy a Light offers a chance to thank a frontline worker and the hospital staff or honor a loved one who has been touched by cancer or COVID (survivor or departed). Each purchase will receive a number associated with a specific bulb located across the installation. The submitted name will be spelled out as part of the dynamic lighting program and memorialized to the right of the installation with their corresponding bulb number. The lighting program will repeat multiple times a day.

For you out-of-towners, we will be recording the full tribute at the end of October and placing it to music, just as we have for the first 10 names in the video. So even if you can't make it to the installation - you will still be able to see your friends and loved ones name in lights.


Lighting equipment generously donated by Tivoli Lighting.

Installation guidance provided by Aurora Lampworks Inc.

Branding and promotional design assistance provided by Andy Bull.

Technical equipment and installation support provided by O’Blaney Rinker.





Lee Brandt

Kim Daley

Marty Salzberg

Asher Schoenberg





JP Bedell

Tek Pokwal


Women in Lighting + Design (WILD), is a networking and educational organization in the architectural lighting community. WILD is open to all women and their allies, creating a supportive and safe network for all. Professional and personal growth is developed through networking events, mentorship initiatives, and educational sessions. WILD’s mission is to promote women’s achievements, call attention to inequities and provide support and resources that can help resolve them, and to partner with other minority groups to build a strong and diverse community in the architectural lighting industry.

Women in Lighting + Design NYC has partnered with PFC for the past 6 years because they believe in the work and support PFC provides for breast cancer survivors. Many WILD NYC members have been affected by breast cancer, and WILD views supporting PFC as another way to support and recognize the struggles their membership has experienced.

Find out more about WILD by visiting their website:, signing up for their newsletter, and following them on social media @womeninlightingandesign and @wild_ny.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst is part of an integrated health care system of hospitals, neighborhood health centers, long-term care, nursing homes and home care. NYC Health + Hospitals is committed to the health and well-being of all New Yorkers and we offer a wide range of high quality and affordable health care services to keep our patients healthy and to address the needs of New York’s diverse population.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst serves an area of nearly one million people in one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse communities in the United States. Our patients come from across the globe, speaking a multitude of languages and dialects and bringing with them their particular beliefs and customs. Elmhurst is responsive to their needs, and makes every effort to alleviate cultural barriers and to ensure that our patients are provided with the quality healthcare they deserve. Culturally-sensitive care is a hallmark of our highly-regarded Mental Health Services.

Find out more about Elmhurst by visiting their website: and following them on social media @nychealthsystem.

PFC is a special support organization for breast cancer survivors /supporters. We offer a unique survivorship program that uses recreational dragon boat paddling to manage side effects of treatment for breast cancer survivors and promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

Organized by survivors, we paddle our way to recovery with each other and a tremendous group of supporters and paddling enthusiasts along our side. Our on-water season is May through October. Off-season indoor practice is available November through April. We plan to practice weekly in the World’s Fair Marina during the warm weather and participate in dragon boat races along the East Coast. Our team events are open to all and promote a healthy lifestyle, a way of getting life and movement back through exercise, as well as emotional support and team spirit.

Since Paddle for the Cure is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations and tickets at our fundraisers and events are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.