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This year, February 27, 2021 marks our 5th year anniversary. Rebuilding PFC in 2016 was tough and I experienced lots of bumps along the road but I always kept my head up high and kept confidence in myself despite the fact that people tried to drag me down. I ignored them because they are only distractions to my mission. I was about to give up but one person gave me the courage. She is our PFC hero and my best friend. I promised her that no matter what, I will continue the mission. She believed in my work and always reminded me not to give up. I will never forget her saying to me that I’m her boss and she wants to follow my footsteps and I disagreed with her. I told her that I’m not her boss but her leader and I can’t be a great leader if I can’t create more leaders like her to serve the community. She even asked me if I’ll accept her despite the fact she’s not a breast cancer survivor but a leukemia survivor. I just answered her back that PFC welcomes all.

Grace Xie was my best friend and she was my PFC left arm. I seldom find a friend with the same interest like me who loves to go to the library and to do research. Her dream was to paddle with us and to be on a race team. Unluckily, she did not make it to our 2017 kickoff because she passed away. .

It was a sad moment for us but the kickoff was honored in memory of her and I promised that every time we have our kickoff, we will always do it in honor of her memory.

To add on, I asked guidance from God to show me a sign if PFC really was my calling and to answer my prayers. After I got out from the church, I saw a guy wearing a white T-shirt that says, “Many are called but few are chosen.” I just looked up to the sky with tears in my eyes and I said Yes to God, that I will accept it without complains. To the people that stayed and still stay behind my back up to now who truly support me because they believe in me, I’m thankful and grateful to them. Most of all, to the New York Wall Street Dragons who provide us with coach/steerer during practice, thank you with all my heart. Without them PFC will never exist at all.

With the support of my family and my friends, I count it as a blessing that they who believe in me continue to give me the strength not to give up my passion and my dream of giving back to all the support groups and most especially to Elmhurst Hospital that saved my life and serve as my home away from home.

Thank you!

Leah V. Salmorin
PFC Founder and Breast Cancer Survivor
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