We want to make history. We want to bring and promote dragon-boating out of town and internationally.  

PFC is a special support organization for breast cancer survivors /supporters. We offer a unique survivorship program that uses recreational dragon boat paddling to manage side effects of treatment for breast cancer survivors and promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Organized by survivors, we paddle our way to recovery with each other and a tremendous group of supporters and paddling enthusiasts along our side. Our on-water season is May through October. Off-season indoor practice is available November through April. We plan to practice weekly in the World’s Fair Marina during the warm weather and participate in dragon boat races along the East Coast.

Our team events are open to all and promote a healthy lifestyle, a way of getting life and movement back through exercise, as well as emotional support and team spirit.

Since Paddle for the Cure is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations and tickets at our fundraisers and events are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Mission Statement

  • To create a special sisterhood of breast cancer survivors.

  • To provide hope and support to other cancer survivors and their families.

  • To enrich our lives through dragon boat paddling.

  • To grow the sport of dragon boating in our community.

  • To unite our community for charitable purposes through dragon boat paddling and racing.

Vision Statement

  • We want to make history. We want to bring and promote dragon boating out of town and internationally.

Team Slogan

P– eople oriented with the passion to give back  for a good cause

F– uture leaders in the community

C– UREmitment

D-IG deep

B-IG dreams

T– otal recovery

E– xecute properly

A– ct accordingly

M-ove forward

Team Mantra

  • Love yourself, unconditionally.
  • Nurture your inner strength.
  • Embrace your situation, whatever it may be
  • We find a camaraderie and a common bond to fight breast cancer.
  • Simple words bring comfort, faith and hope of healing.

Why Dragon Boating for Breast Cancer?

Our impact
Influencing the way people, organizations, and movements for healthy lifestyle!