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We Live Here, We Race Here, We Save Lives Here!



Teamwork makes the dream work. Our weekly Saturday practices are still rolling every week! This was our 8/26 practice at the marina . 

We sincerely thank the Paddlers that showed up: 
Johnny, James, Belinda, Daniel, Louise, Saundra, Steve, Jenny, Erin, John, Dayana, Jack, Cindy, Sarah, Liliam, Henry, and Jobbar. 

We are definitely ready for the Mercer County race on September 16th!

On our August 23 practice at the marina was a gorgeous day to paddle. Our big Thank you’s to all the paddlers that showed up and one survivor to add on to our fun loving and family oriented community. 

For Saundra, Elizbabeth, Johnny, James Louise, Sherry, Mars , Angela, Sae, Jenny, Grace and Daniel who took the lead during warmups.
Special shout out to Ken and his kids our new supporter who stayed with us until the end of our practice and  to Eileen and Ben who helped coach and steer the boats. 

August 5, 2023. We had our weekly practice at the marina. Thanks to Ben for coaching us and Daniel for steering us! Both of you continue to support us and helped us to get ready for the Time Attack and race on 8/12 & 8/13. 

We were definitely ready and we got 2 boats to race as Team #Elmhurststrong. We are also grateful for the paddlers who attended our Saturday session: (Maria A., John , Belinda, Elsie, Dr. Brown, Maria D., James, Daniel, Skylar, Omar, Jey, Louise, Isabel, Dayana, Francisco, Elizabeth, Saundra, Lovely, and Doreen! Also joining us in the picture taking at the lake is Henry Wan, Chairman of the Hongkong Dragonboat Festival in New York. Thank you, everyone! 

On July 29th, we had our regular practice at the marina and after the practice, we proceeded to the lake at Flushing Meadows to practice and Francisco our new paddler took the steering oar and took the lead. Leah sat at the drummer seat. All of us helped each other  and we just took one round and went back to the dock safe and sound. The paddlers that showed up are : John, Jaclyn, Johnny, Louise, Isabel, Belinda, Elizabeth, Dr Brown, Saundra, James, Uriel, Skylar, Elsie, Francisco, Nakia, Mohammed, and Sherry. Thanks to Daniel for coaching us and Bill who steer for us at the marina and Alice who did the photoshoot as always. 

A team that paddles together, wins together! Thank you to our Saturday dragonboating practice participants last July 22nd: Maria D., Maria A., Doreen, Omar, John, Jaclyn, Johnny, Jessica, Uriel and our founder/president Leah. We live here, we race here, and we save lives here! 





What a weekend! The 31st Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival on 8/12 & 8/13 were both fun-filled race days. Joining the regular mix division for day 1 and day 2 for nonprofit organization B invitational was something that we truly enjoyed as a team. 
Paddle to victory and we won 😊🎉
8/12 – 2nd Boat (250M) – 3rd Place 🥉 
8/13 – 1st Boat (250M) -2nd Place 🥈

Massive thank you to the paddlers who joined us. Our deepest gratitude to the following: Maria A., John, Belinda, Elsie, Dr. Brown, Maria D., James, Saundra, Skylar, Daniel, Louise,  Isabel,  Steve, Lovely, Francisco,  Elizabeth, Dayana, June, Chester, Guy, Johnny, Amr, Doreen, Sean, Liz, Karen, Soriya, and Jian 

Our biggest thank you’s to our steerers Ben & Matt! Thank you also for  supporting us on the side, Eileen, Good Jean, and our NYWSD family. Also we had an opportunity for the photo op with Mayor Eric Adams and we were feature in NY1 . 

Lastly, big shout out to Helen Arteaga Landaverde, CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals -Elmhurst for the neverending support! We are truly and deeply thankful for your gracious help and continued championing of our cause. We are all in this together.

We LIVE here! We RACE here! We SAVE LIVES here! 

Catch this wave! We have a new Youtube video from our recent races at the 2023 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in NYC which you should definitely check out.



Last year, our Founder/President Leah Salmorin was interviewed by Rebecca Greenberg from NY1 at the 30th Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York and this year, NY1 once again interviewed Leah at the 31st HKDB Festival in New York. What a full circle moment for us! 



Thank you, Nancy Adzemovic & Sophia Delgado, AVP & manager of Ridgewood Bank Forest Hills for your unwavering financial support for PFC. Your heartfelt support  for our races is something that undoubtedly propels us to do more!

Last July 28, our good friends at Pier 26 Downtown Boathouse gave us free 2-hour long kayak session. It was such a gorgeous day for sunset paddling and we basked in the golden embrace of the sun. 

Here are the paddlers who joined us: Belinda, Maria D. with big boy brave Jayden, Dr. Brown, Ashton, Dr. Casablanca, Kyle, Skylar, Elsie, Elizabeth, John, Dr. Andujar, Isabel, Gloria , Saundra, Isabella , Ingre , Julia , Lovely, Francisco, and with President/Founder Leah. 

Special shout-out to Martin Sweeney and his lovely volunteers who hosted the event for us! Thank you Downtown Boathouse!

On 7/21, we had one of our tabling sessions for our saturday practices at Elmhurst Hospital (H-Bldg and auditorium). Paddlers and EHC staff showed their support for us especially Liz, Belinda and Maria and 2 EHC volunteers in the presence of Joyce and Tamana. Thank you for coming, everyone! Thank you NYC Health + Hospitals Elmhurst and CEO Helen Artiaga Landaverde for the continuous support you give for PFC!


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