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We Live Here, We Race Here, We Save Lives Here!


Let’s Complete The Tribute!

We’re almost there, friends! 

Paddle for the Cure NYC, WILD NYC, and NYCHHC Elmhurst has been doubling efforts to complete our tribute by the end of October by conducting tabling for registrations at the NYC Health and Hospitals Elmhurst Lobby and we are glad to report that we now only have 292 light bulbs left to finally complete the tribute!

You may catch us at our next tabling schedule on Monday, October 25th, at the NYC H+H Elmhurst Hospital lobby with two more tables! See you there! 💗


Our Heartfelt And Sincerest Gratitude To Everyone

Paddle for the Cure NYC is grateful for working with such a dedicated and hard-working team! We are in awe of your heart for service and your amazing team spirit. Thank you very much to our friends in the WILD NY team and our supporters in Elmhurst Hospital along with everyone who’s volunteered to lend a helping hand. 💡

Thank you everyone for helping us FLIP THE SWITCH on LIGHT FOR LIFE last October 4! Even the rain couldn’t stop us! Special thanks to NYC Health + Hospitals Elmhurst and NYC Mayor’s Office for attending and supporting, and Tivoli Lighting for programming with WILD NYC. Paddle for the Cure NYC and WILD NYC are thrilled to be turning the installation over to the hospital staff and community for their enjoyment and reflection! We hope the lighting industry will take a chance to visit the installation while it’s up for the month of October! 

We would also like to thank all our sponsors and donors for the support. Without you, this installation would have happened as we have envisioned. 

Many thanks to Moving For Life for being present in our ceremony and for sharing the invaluable talent and time in our program.

We would also like to give a special mention to Heritage India Fashions and Prashant Goyal for being our long-time benefactor and friend for gracing our event with his presence. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Goyal and his model for being instrumental in our raffle draw. 

We also want to share our gratitude for Lailanie Idemne Galang, Cancer and COVID-19 Survivor, for being our in-house bracelet workshop specialist during the Light for Life launch. Thank you, Lailanie!

Lastly, we want to extend further our deepest of thanks to our partner and long-time collaborator, Kostal Paddle, for always being supportive of all our efforts. We miss being on the water with you! 


Thank You,
NYC Mayor’s Office!

Our official partner, NYC Mayor’s Office gave our event Light for Life a certificate of recognition for our good work in the community. This is a proud moment for us as New Yorkers! May we continue to light for life! 💡💗


Thank You, Speakers!

We would like to give a special thank you to all our guest speakers for inspiring us with their words and blessing our event with their presence! 💗

Rohan Narine, Senior Liaison Officer for the NYC Mayor’s Office in behalf of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio⠀
“Featuring changing colorful lights that transform into different images, words, and movements against large pictures of hospital staff and the public, this installation emphasizes the health and vitality of the Queens community and conjures powerful reminders of sacrifice and resilience.”⠀

Helen Arteaga Landaverde, CEO of Elmhurst Hospital
“Today we stand just a little bit brighter because we are reminded by these little lights that there is light always even in sadness.”⠀

Joel Quirk, CPA and PFC Treasurer⠀
“Paddle for the Cure has proven to the Elmhurst community that it has strong support and commitment for the hospital, its doctors, staff, and survivors.”⠀

Leah V. Salmorin, PFC Founder/President
“Be a light to others, be a light to yourself! The brighter we shine, the brighter the world will become.”

Kelly Roberts Hougland, WILD NYC President⠀
“We decided to use lights to bring joy back to the Elmhurst community…to thank all of you who have your dedicated time and energy over the course of the pandemic and to create a place for those that have been affected by the pandemic.”⠀


Thank You For The Support!

Thank you so much for the help in promoting our installation to the Queens Chamber of Commerce (@queenschamberofcommerce)! Your support means so much to us at Paddle for the Cure NYC. 💗

Thank you so much for the help in promoting our installation, NYC Health + Hospitals Elmhurst @nychealthsystem! We really appreciate having such a great partner in our causes. You truly are our home. 💗

Thank you so much for featuring our Light For Life event and installation, Queens Ledger News (@QueensLedger)! Read more about the article at ⠀


 Our Videos Are Up In YouTube! 

We know that you’ve all been tuning in to our event and we made sure to record the highlights of our launch. All videos have been uploaded to our channel and are now streamable. Pictures of our event are also already live and uploaded at our Facebook page. Enjoy! 💗


It’s International Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

In Celebration of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Wear Pink Day, we advocate wearing pink today and everyday to help spread awareness of breast cancer prevention and testing. 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime – early detection can save lives! Find out your family history, self test every month. 

Paddle for the Cure NYC believes that Breast Cancer Month or not, PINK LIVES MATTER! Support us and help us support our survivor sisters fight the side effects of breast cancer treatment through our holistic survivorship wellness programs. 💗

As a voice of the survivors, we assure you that we will continue to take care of our survivors our PFC way and we will fulfill our promise and continue this charity to keep on serving both patients and survivors. That is our commitment. #WearPink 💗

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser is still ongoing at and we still have 292 bulbs left. Donate or buy a light today to help out our community! 💗


Weekly Practices Are Back!

We’re so glad to ✨finally✨ be back on the water with our PFC family as Team EHC and with the New York Wall Street Dragons who support us as always .  It’s been a long time but we’re here and we’ll continue practicing on the water for the rest of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth. Water is life, indeed. See you around the Marina! 💗


Light A Tribute For A Health Worker Loved One

It’s never too late to share the love for our frontliners who bravely fight on our behalf everyday. Do you have $5 to spare but don’t personally know any hospital workers? Then you’re in luck! Sponsor a Light NOW and we’ll help place the name of a frontliner on the LIGHT FOR LIFE Tribute Wall! Give thanks for all they’ve done (always, and especially over the last year) and let them see their name in lights! 💡


We Celebrated Columbus Day!

In Celebration of #ColumbusDay, here’s our Founder/President Leah Salmorin with the Grand Marshal , Michael Pascucci 💗



We can only achieve something if we put our mind, heart and soul to it! Let’s put an end to breast cancer! Share the love by donating to Paddle for the Cure!#InItToEndIt!

We hope that you continue to support our advocacy by joining our awesome activities designed for 
Legacy Lifetime with Carleen Moscati,
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