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  Check Your Breasts! 💕 


Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year, and also causes the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women. In 2018, it is estimated that 627,000 women died from breast cancer – that is approximately 15% of all cancer deaths among women. While breast cancer rates are higher among women in more developed regions, rates are increasing in nearly every region globally.

In order to improve breast cancer outcomes and survival, early detection is critical. There are two early detection strategies for breast cancer: early diagnosis and screening. Limited resource settings with weak health systems where the majority of women are diagnosed in late stages should prioritize early diagnosis programmes based on awareness of early signs and symptoms and prompt referral to diagnosis and treatment. (World Health Organization). 


To help us assist breast cancer survivors and underserved patients at The Hope Pavilion Cancer Clinic in NYC Health + Hospitals Elmhurst, please donate any amount at 💗

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of successful treatment. So it's important to check your breasts regularly and see your GP if you notice a change. Common breast cancer signs and symptoms include: 

• a lump or swelling in the breast, upper chest or armpit – you might feel the lump but not see it⠀

• a change to the skin, such as puckering or dimpling⠀

• a change in the color of the breast – the breast may look red or inflamed⠀

• a change to the nipple, for example, it has become pulled in (inverted) rash or crusting around the nipple⠀

• any unusual liquid (discharge) from either nipple changes in size or shape of the breast

Check the whole breast area, including your upper chest and armpits.⠀ ⠀

Do this regularly to check for changes.⠀ ⠀

It’s as simple as TLC: Touch, Look, and Check (⠀


  Women Empowering Women!  


We believe in women who empower other women and in the fact that it only takes one voice to be heard. We shall continue to break glass ceilings and leave our mark as women. ⠀ ⠀

We believe in voices like Kamala Harris and Jill Biden who advocate for cancer research. Women who give girls an opportunity to be heard and to be seen.⠀ ⠀ They inspire us to also keep strong! 😄💗


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Did you know? It's Diabetes Education Week. Most women are not aware that Diabetes is a major risk factor of breast cancer and vice versa. Most people are also not aware that they are diabetic and at risk of getting cancer. ⠀

To help us spread awareness and provide aid to Breast Cancer patients, please head over to #ElmhurstStrong


Help spread Breast Cancer and Diabetes Awareness today.



 We can only achieve something if we put our mind, heart and soul to it! Let’s put an end to breast cancer! Share the love by donating to Paddle for the Cure!





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HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROGRAM Legacy Lifetime with Carleen Moscati, Breast Cancer Survivor


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